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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

What blizzard?

Okay...let's try this entry again. I started on it yesterday, but my computer crashed in the middle...

So last week, everyone in Ohio was bracing for The Blizzard of the Century. On Friday, Paul's company canceled their post-Christmas party, which had been scheduled for Saturday night, due to the big storm that was headed our way. That was fine by me, since I was also supposed to go to a local sports bar on Saturday to join my local college alumni chapter in watching our basketball game against our biggest rivals.

On Saturday, Paul got up to shovel, and he found that we'd only gotten about an inch. Just an inch. I called my mom back in Michigan, who was in a panic because they'd gotten a foot of snow, and she couldn't leave the house. Mom get stir-crazy like that.

Shortly thereafter, I discovered that the basketball game had been postponed until Monday (we won, by the way). So we didn't have *any* plans for the day. So we went shopping. I picked up some extra yarn and some stitch holders (at 40% off) at Hobby Lobby. And Paul went to Lowe's to get some drywall so he could fix the hole in our garage. At night, we made a tasty homemade lasagna (complete with homemade pasta), and I did some knitting and TV watching while Paul finished working in the garage.

On Sunday, we still had no snow. Meanwhile, those back in Massachusetts were getting bombarded with a couple of feet (I'm trying not to laugh here, but...ha-ha!). So Paul and I bundled up and went to the outlet mall, where I ended up getting two pairs of Aeropastale jeans for $10 each, three shirts at Banana Republic for $15, and a Fossil watch to replace the one that died almost a year ago. And Paul got all kinds of work clothes and casual clothes, including a very nice pair of Guess jeans for $20. I was totally jealous.

Everyone was in shock over the whole lack-of-snow thing. Even the plows were out on Sunday, driving down the totally clean roads, trying to figure out what to do. Of course, they didn't come to our neighborhood, where the roads are still covered in slush...

So I got to do a little movie-watching and a little knitting over the weekend. I finally finished my aunt's scarf, which I can ship back to Michigan before she returns from their place in Florida. And it only took me one skein of Bernat Soft Boucle (in Deep Rose). Since it had been on sale at Hobby Lobby, I got an extra skein. So it looks like someone else is going to get a Deep Rose Boucle scarf...

Hmmm...which project shall I start next?


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