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Monday, January 31, 2005

Just in time!

On Saturday afternoon, I was rushing around, trying to get ready for Paul's company holiday party, when I realized that I hadn't finished my mini bag. I had finished the felted button on Friday, totally intending to finish the bag in time for the party, but we were so busy on Saturday, trying to figure out how to arrange our living room furniture, that I totally forgot. So as I was on my way out the door, I quickly grabbed Paul's sewing kit (yep -- he has one and I don't) and stitched the button on. And voila! It's finished. One little bag, just the right size for my keys, a few cards, my cell phone, and a compact of powder. Perfect for the party.

Fun and felted Posted by Hello

We also ran to Old Navy on Saturday afternoon, and I picked out the perfect black top to wear -- one that would match one of my scarves (I ended up wearing the Boa scarf).

In other news, I finally found the yarn I wanted for Lisa's wedding shawl. I ordered it on Friday, and I should have it by Thursday or so. Can't wait!


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