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Monday, February 07, 2005

Is it Monday again already?!

We had yet another busy weekend. Paul's parents showed up on Friday night and stayed until yesterday morning. On Saturday, my MIL helped me fix a shell that I started almost a year ago. I worked so hard on it before discovering that I couldn't get my head through the hole. So she helped me tear it apart so I could redo it. It was like major surgery. Then we ran out to JoAnn, where she picked up some Lion Chenille Q&T for a vest -- and I picked up the latest issue of Knit 1. I've already flipped through it a million times.

On Saturday, I also got a package -- my latest yarn purchase. I promised my friend Lisa that I'd make her a shawl for her wedding in September, and I finally decided on the yarn. It's in a box on my desk, and it just makes me happy. I hope I have some left over for me. :)

Last night, we had our Dutch friend Arjen over to experience Super Bowl Sunday. He's in town doing training at Paul's office for three weeks. It's his first visit to the States, so he was eager to experience as huge an American tradition as the Super Bowl. So we stuffed him with all kinds of junk food, and Paul attempted to explain the sport. I wish we could have given him a more exciting half-time, though. I know an old pop star is much safer, apparently, than a couple of younger ones, but Sir Paul made for the most boring half-time show ever. We were all not-so-quietly waiting to see if he'd flash a butt cheek (not that we'd actually want to see that, but at least it would be a little more exciting that watching him sing "Hey Jude"). I spent the game in my corner, knitting a hat. I decided to take my standard two-needle pattern and morph it into something seamless. So far, so good...


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