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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Knitting through a taxing time...

It's been a long week. We were supposed to get our new car on Tuesday night, but it all fell through, so I'm still stranded at home. To make matters worse, my computer's had a case of the sniffles, so we took it in to get it checked out, and I was without it for a few days. As if that weren't bad enough, I also started knitting a tank for our upcoming trip out west, and I realized that none of the math worked out. I was so confused. But now my computer's back, and we're supposed to get the car tonight, the pattern designer corrected the math problem, and my parents are coming for a visit tomorrow. Things are looking up.

Last night, however, wasn't a good night. It was the night that I dread every single year. Tax preparation night. Since our taxes are always a bit confusing to handle, we go to H&R Block. But despite the fact that someone else does all the figuring for us, I still hate going. It's just not fun. I sit there and sit there and feel awkward while a stranger goes through our finances, and then I sign some papers and leave.

I was complaining about it last night when Paul said, "Just bring your knitting." I love Paul. He's a genius. And he knows that knitting needles to me are like a pacifier for a screaming baby. So I packed up some wool scraps and some novelty scraps and decided to experiment while I was waiting for the taxes to be done. It's amazing how a pair of needles and some scraps of yarn can turn a nerve-wracking evening into one that's not so bad after all...


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