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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Pre-vacation panic

The pre-vacation race is on. I leave tomorrow afternoon, and I still haven't finished my tank. I'm so close -- I just have to finish one last strap and then sew it all together (and, actually, maybe knit a band around the bottom). I should have it finished tonight, though it may mean giving up something else -- like doing my nails. Or washing the dishes. Or cleaning the bathroom. Who knows.

I also haven't figured out which projects to work on while I'm gone. I'm thinking I'll bring some tulle so I can knit up a few dish scrubbies. And I'll take some cotton and work on dishcloths. And maybe I'll bring some wool scraps and improvise... Or leg warmers! I got a great new skirt yesterday, and I've got some orange yarn that might be fun... Who knows. I need to go through my stash before I leave...


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