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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Just playin'

Paul left for his conference in Arizona yesterday, so I was left to hang out and knit and watch American Idol. I spent the evening working on fun little projects. I finished off a practice felted coaster out of the tons of wool that I got out of a recycled sweater. Then I made myself a flower -- I got the pattern out of the first issue of Knit 1. It was originally meant to go on my blue bucket hat, but I decided that it was a little too big -- so I have other plans for it. In fact, I was just thinking that I'd like to make a couple more.

When I finished the flower, I started swatching for a new cape that I decided to make -- out of a bright orange Microspun. It's soft, and I know it'll have an excellent drape. Now I just need to figure out all the math.

Before I went to bed (later than usual, since I was alone...), I forced myself to try on the tank that I've been working on. I was a little nervous, since bigger projects rarely work out for me. But I needed to try it on to see if it was good enough to continue -- I've just got the straps left. And guess what -- it fits! I have a few adjustments that I might make, but I like it. Yea me!

So I've hit that pre-vacation panic. I realized that there are so many knitted things that I'd like to add to my wardrobe before I hit the Southwest. A nice shawl would be good. And a pretty shrug. And some leg-warmers to cover up my ghostly-pale legs when I wear my skirts. And more flowers! And I want to finish my tank and my cape and a new felted bag. That's all.

Think I can get it done in three days?


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