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Monday, March 21, 2005

(Drum roll, please...)

The cape is finished. And I must say, I love it. I intend to wear it all the time -- just as soon as it stops being so freezing cold (yep -- Friday's 60 degrees has dropped to Monday's 39 degrees).

There are no pictures yet, since I'm planning to do a photo shoot once I can wear it outside without getting noticeable goose bumps. And then I intend to submit it...somewhere.

Once I finished the cape, I moved on to legwarmer #2. Other projects on the horizon: 1) putting an edging on the tank I recently finished, so I'll dare to wear it in public, 2) the shawl for my friend Lisa's wedding, 3) restarting (again), the shimmery shawl I was making for myself before someone came along and put a disturbingly huge and unfixable snag in it. And, on the side, something fancy and felted and some dishcloths for my family, including my Aunt Karen, who hordes them.


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