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Sunday, April 24, 2005

So there you have it...

After some headaches, tough decisions, and phone conversations, I reported to work yesterday afternoon. Talk about a crazy day! There's nothing quite like a yarn store on a rainy Saturday afternoon -- and the place was busy all day. As the newbie, I didn't help a ton of customers (though I did help one lady choose a beautiful purple yarn and some needles for her very own Martha Stewart poncho). Instead, I spent a lot of time stocking and re-stocking shelves, which helped me learn my way around the store -- and around the overwhelming stock room. I also started the pricing process -- when it's all over, there will be bar code prices on everything in the store, which will make inventory and check-out a lot easier. But imagine putting prices on every color of every kind of yarn in a store. It makes my head hurt -- but it's my job for a while. Yesterday, I did all but one shade of Suede.

After all that bending and pricing and stocking, I was exhausted yesterday -- and I woke up in some serious pain this morning. It had better go away soon, though, because I'll be doing more again tomorrow...


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