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Thursday, May 12, 2005

More work, anybody?

I got a phone call at 10 yesterday from my boss, who was in a bit of a panic. As it turns out, they need to get the store totally inventoried -- with every last skein, hank, and ball, into the computer -- by Tuesday. I've been trying to do that for three weeks, and we probably didn't get a third of the way through. And now we have to do the rest. So I agreed to come in to work. I was there yesterday from 2 to 6, and I'm heading in again this afternoon after I finish the more important stuff on my to-do list. And I work all day tomorrow. And then Paul's brother may or may not be coming for a visit this weekend. If he does, I have some serious cleaning to do, since we haven't touched the basement / guest living quarters in ages (not since my parents were here in February, I'm guessing). ACK!!


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