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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Still taking time to knit

Over the weekend, I made myself a really cool belt. I had some Fantasy Naturale sitting around (the color is Fire -- it's absolutely GORGEOUS) from my trip to the Patterworks store last fall. Mom suggested I make a belt. So I did -- while I was watching TV on Saturday night. I did it all in double crochet -- just like the one I made in tan silk last fall. When I was at work yesterday, I told my boss Sallie, and she just sighed and said, "Why does everyone else have time to knit?"

I also started my super-cool felt-y bag. In fact, I started it on Sunday, and I probably could have finished it -- had I had more of the stuff. Right now I'm fretting over whether I'll have enough to finish it -- or if I should just go out and buy more felt in another color and make the bag bigger. But I have to admit -- it looks really cool. I can't wait to finish it and show it off.

Yesterday was my work day. Jan brought a whole bunch of stock to a knitting event on Saturday, and I got to unload the boxes and restock it yesterday -- it really was a great way to learn about what goes where. Now I just hope I'll remember. I definitely learned a lot, though. I spent a lot of time studying shades of wool and our varieties of sock yarn. I also picked out some wonderful yarn for making a cape for the store. It's brand new, and it's so very soft. It's not exactly the same gauge as the stuff I worked with before, but I totally fell in love with it, and I'll make it work. I took three balls home with me last night, and I'll be getting to work on it soon.


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