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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Remember last week, when I said that my stash accumulation had gotten out of control -- and I needed to stop buying yarn?

Yeah, like that was going to happen...

Yesterday, Paul flew out to Chicago, for a two-day conference. So after work (the a/c was so chilly that I wore my sample capelet -- and got lots of compliments :) ), I went out on the town. First, I hit the library, where I picked up two girly movies (I watched one last night, and I'll watch the other one tonight, since Paul doesn't get in until later). Then I hit Big Lots. Mom told me that she's seen novelty yarn in their ad for $2, so I rushed over and bought $12 worth. Then, since I was on a yarn spree anyway, I headed to JoAnn, where (can you even believe it?) I didn't find anything I needed. So I went to Michael's instead. There, I found a plethora of fibrous delights (as I quietly prayed that I wouldn't see anyone I knew from the store). I found some gorgeous dusty sky blue boucle for a little poncho I wanted, and I got some Amore (on sale for $5) for a shawl.

On my way home, I called in an order for Chinese food. I picked it up, went home, gorged myself on General Tso's Chicken and crab rangoons while watching a movie and anxiously finishing a dishcloth (so I can start one of my new projects -- despite the fact that I still have a sock and a bag to finish...). It was a glorious evening, but it only proves that it's dangerous to leave me home alone. I'm almost guaranteed to buy things I shouldn't, eat things I shouldn't, and generally get in trouble.


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