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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Back...and feeling relaxed

After all the insanity of the last few weeks, I took a much-needed vacation. I skipped out of work early on Friday (which was quite a relief, since it was either that or continue in my attempt to price all 975 skeins of Jamieson wool that are currently on display in the store) and headed up to my parents' cottage for the weekend. It was a nearly-perfect weekend. It was a bit chilly, but heck, it was Memorial Day weekend. It was sunny, so I even got myself a bit of a tan. I spent the rest of the weekend knitting, eating junk food, and laughing (because, in general, my family is nuts -- and my poor husband just has to play along).

Knitting projects: I re-started a drop-stitch scarf made of some Jaeger Celeste that I pulled out of the store's dollar bin. I continued working on my sock (it's the first sock-weight grown-up-sized sock I've made, and despite a little, totally fixable hole where I started the heel, it's looking good). Mom cut up more felt, which will allow me to finish my bag. I decided what I'm going to do with the belt I'm making for the store (it's going to be a fun one). And, while Paul was finishing up the driving last night, I make a dishcloth. Not bad for one weekend. I also ended up having a bit of a trunk show with the ladies next door, who were excited to see the stuff I'd made (and designed). We swapped stories and shared patterns -- and they totally want to drive down to the store to hang out on our big comfy couches.

In other news: I sold my first pattern on Friday. Julie, one of our Friday morning regulars, fell in love with the sample, and she decided that she needs to make one.

I have to tell you how weird (and exciting) it was to listen to the Friday morning group fawning over my design. When Julie tried the sample on, they all commented on how cute it was -- and they had all kinds of ideas for how they'd wear it and what they'd wear it with. I was pretty darn proud to tell them it was my very own pattern. My next pattern is going to be published in the store's newsletter (they're including the pattern my simple crocheted belt, which everyone always comments on). And I'm also excitedly awaiting my contribution to the second issue of Take Back the Knit. Woohoo!


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