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Thursday, August 12, 2004

The yarn store is the best medicine...

After a generally crappy morning, I decided to head over to Hub Mills to drown my sorrows in yarn -- and to check out their latest sale. And I must admit that nothing helps to raise my spirits than a trip to the yarn store. I browsed through the aisles, got new ideas, picked up some baby yarn for some booties for a friend's new baby and one more skein for another Christmas scarf, taught a beginner how to knit a simple shawl, and compared notes with Lynne, my favorite yarn store clerk. The latest topic was ponchos -- since they're everywhere now (I swear I was the only one in London not wearing one last week). And Lynne pointed me to the poncho pattern at The Knitting Room's site. To make it even more tempting, I found the yarn on sale at WEBS -- $28 for a bag, which would make two ponchos. Anyone wanna split a bag with me?

I also learned where working at a yarn store will get you. A former employee (of 23 years) came in, and she was telling us how she can't fit all of her yarn in her 13-room home, so she's goe some of it stashed in a friend's barn. That's the stash her husband doesn't know about... So it could be worse. I may have a cabinet and the space under the bed occupied, but I haven't needed to store my stash in a barn yet...


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