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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The holiday weekend just ended, and boy, are my hands tired!

I definitely kept busy over the weekend. It started on Thursday, when I started my En Fuego shawl. I was going to announce that on Friday, but, as usual, I couldn’t get online.

On Saturday, Paul went into Boston with his cousin, who was visiting for the weekend, so I planned a yarn store crawl for myself. Unfortunately, Hub Mills was closed (which was disappointing, since I actually needed something from there), so my crawl consisted of one store. I’d heard a lot about Woolpack, so I decided to make the drive—and I was glad I did. It was such a bright, open, friendly place, and I ended up walking out with some Brown Sheep wool for another felting experiment and a copy of Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles. I’m determined to learn this sock thing.

Yesterday I was telling Paul about the sisterhood of knitters. New England is anything but a friendly place to live, but I’ve found that people are always friendlier when you’re carrying a skein of yarn. In most stores out here, no one will even acknowledge your presence unless you literally trip over them. But in the yarn stores, people are always happy to see you—and they’re just as happy to help you out. And fellow shoppers will actually speak to you, too—and that’s a serious no-no in New England. So thank goodness I’m a knitter! And thanks to the friendly knitters I’ve come across since I moved here—you’ve made life in New England a little less hellish.


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