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Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I spent the weekend working on anything but finishing the Cabana shell that's almost finished. On Friday, I did the shoulder seams and started the neck -- which I then realized that I was knitting backward and was forced to rip it all out and redo it. So now the shoulders and the neck are finished. All I need to do is sew up the sides and weave in the ends, and it's done. But I hate this part (which is evident by the stacks of scarves and dishcloths on my knitting cupboard that just need a few edges woven in), so I spent the weekend working on my fuzzy shell instead. As a result, I've almost finished the first half. I worked on my niece's scarf for a while, too. In fact, I tried to work on it yesterday when we went into the city to hang out in the Common -- but when I got there, I discovered that I only had one needle. Paul gallantly offered his ink pen, but I don't think it was a number 8 ink pen. I was tempted to head down to Windsor Button to pick up a new pair, but I resisted.

But I've still got this unfinished top. Maybe I'll finish it tomorrow...


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