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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

An adventure at the LYS

My friend Lisa called this morning. We'd been talking about hitting the LYS before the sale ends this weekend, and she said that she and the kids were free this morning. So I did a little work and headed out the door. We gave Lynn a little excitement this morning -- the four kids were totally fascinated by all the yarns and the colors and the textures and the knitted samples. Jonah (he's four) was especially intrigued by the expensive hand-dyed yarn. And the girls were so excited to pick out yarns for making scarves of their own. Grace (6) was totally prepared to empty out her bank account. Ah, the sound of a young yarn addict...

Lynn was absolutely fantastic with the kids. She helped Alicia (12) pick out a great pattern for a purse, and she made sure there were plenty of little free sample skeins for the kids to pick out and take home. And she even found a great pattern for toys for Lisa to make for her physical therapy patients.

After we made our purchases, we headed back to Lisa's house for coffee. I knew I should have brought my needles! Lisa finished up a headband for Grace, Alicia started a gorgeous new scarf from a skein she got for only $1 (how did I miss that?!), and I helped Bethany (9) do a little practicing. Now it's time to get back at it...

On an unrelated note, I've gotten Paul into knitting now. He won't pick up the needles, but he wants to design patterns for me. I was playing around with creating charts over the weekend, and that's right up his alley. Now he wants to learn the different textures and patterns so he can design charts for me. Right now, he's working on a shawl -- one with a flame pattern. :)


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