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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Pattern problems

Yesterday I sat down with my chart for the En Fuego Shawl, and I realized that I'd drawn it wrong. Fortunately, I caught it before I attempted to start knitting, but it was still frustrating. So Paul and I redrew the pattern last night. As I started writing out the pattern, I realized that YOs and K2togs and SSKs need to be placed in just the right place -- and I'm not exactly sure where those places are. So I dug out an old pattern for a dishcloth with a YO design -- so I can get a feel for where decrease stitches need to go. I'm halfway through the dishcloth now, so I should be able to figure most of it out by the time I leave.

I hope.

I've also decided to take the unfinished shell to Toronto this weekend so my MIL, my knitting mentor, can give me some moral support while I'm finishing it. Then I'll finish it.



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