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Thursday, June 17, 2004

All packed and ready to go

So I'm (mostly) finished packing for our long weekend with the in-laws. The hardest part -- the part I put the most thought into -- was packing my knitting bag. The blanket is almost done, and it's big and bulky, so I'm leaving that at home. But the fuzzy tank is going -- along with an extra skein. And I threw in some cotton for a quick-and-easy dishcloth or two. And I brought a skein of wool, which I plan to use for a hat (to copy the one I saw Gwen Stefani wearing in an interview on TV). I had to put that in my suitcase because my bag was full. And I brought two UFOs - a few blanket squares from a project I finished two years ago, but I forgot how my MIL had planned to sew it together, and The Unfinished Shell of Doom.

Plus I have seven skeins of Fresco for the En Fuego awaiting my arrival.

And I expect to visit at least two yarn stores while I'm there. One on Saturday with Jay and one on Monday with the Kramer girls.

Think I've packed enough for four days?


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