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Friday, July 16, 2004

A race against time

We leave for Delft a week from today.  In fact, a week from now, I'll be checking in at the airport.  Before I leave, I have a scarf that needs tassels and a shell that needs to be finished.  The tassels shouldn't be a problem.  It just takes a little time and patience.  The shell, however, is going to take some time.  I'm close -- I'm well into the armhole decreases -- but it's still a race to the finish.
The girls are coming over tonight for our monthly knitting night.  Lisa wanted to be sure we got together again before I left, and that's a good thing.  It'll give me a night to relax, and it'll give me some dedicated time to sit down and work on my shell.
I'm also getting my projects ready for the trip.  I'm rolling fuzzy scarf yarn into balls, to make it easier for working on the plane. 
And then there's that packing stuff.  I'll do that as soon as I have my knitting finished...


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