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Friday, July 09, 2004

Sweet temptation

I had to go to Hub Mills today. I had to. I just needed one more skein to finish that fun scarf that I have to take with me to Delft. So I had to go. But oh, the sweet temptation that is the Hub Mills Factory Store! I can never just buy the one thing I need. But really -- they had Weekend Cotton on clearance sale, and I've never tried it, so I got a bright orange skein for a quick fun hat. And I figured that I needed an extra skein of wool for a felted bag -- don't want to run out in the middle of a project! So I got some wool, too. Three skeins. That's not bad, right?

This morning, my Internet connection was down, meaning I couldn't work, so in my boredom, I taught myself to crochet (well, not exactly -- I retaught myself, since I learned the basics when I was about eight). I had to learn because of that shawl that the woman at Romni in Toronto was making when I visited the in-laws last month. She told me how to knit it, but hers was crocheted, and I wanted that exact shawl. So I taught myself to crochet just for that shawl. Now I suppose I need to stock up on more crochet hooks... But where am I going to hide them all?


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