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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Knitters really are the nicest people

I just wandered over to Wolgaarde, my friendly neighborhood yarn store.  I didn’t go yesterday because I knew it was a relatively small shop, and in small shops, people tend to greet you and ask if they can help you in any way.  And I hate having to ask, “Sprekt u engels?” because my Nederlands is niet so goed.  So yesterday I went to department stores to get comfortable with going back into stores by myself.  And today I headed out to Wolgaarde.  I was in heaven.  The store is full of Katia and Lana Grossa.  I went nuts in the sale bin (though not too nuts, since I only had a ten and some change on me).  But I snatched a couple of skeins of LG Silk in a nice natural color—for a crocheted belt.  I consider it an early birthday present.  It’s tomorrow, you know.

The woman at the store was especially nice.  She spoke English without reservation (sometimes I run into people who are rather smug about it, though I can’t blame them—it just makes me feel bad), and we chatted for a while.  She was saying that some people had recently come into the store and told her that Delft must be heaven.  I told her I agree—if it’s not heaven, it’s quite close.  And today it’s even closer—because I found my LYS.


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