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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Two more days...

I've always known that I work best under pressure. Give me a calm, relaxing day, and I'll get nothing done. Give me high-stress, last-minute, and I'll shine. So I've set another knitting deadline for myself. Sophie is going to be finished by the time I fly out to see my family on Thursday. In fact, to put extra pressure on myself, I left a couple of pairs of jeans out of the laundry last night. There's one pair of jeans that I need to take with me on Thursday, but they need to be washed first -- so I'll have to felt my bag before I leave. That shouldn't be a problem, though. Last night, while waiting for the laundry, I finished the body and the straps. I just need to connect the straps, sew in the ends, and maybe make a pocket for the inside. Then I'm done and ready to felt. I'm thinking I'll take some time out tomorrow morning to get her felted. Then I'll be ready to go home and show off my new bag (and maybe have Mom sew in a zipper).


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