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Monday, August 23, 2004

Lots of rain = lots of knitting

The weather in New England (and pretty much everywhere, for that matter) has been insane this summer. Actually, Paul and I figured over the weekend that there were actually three weeks of summer here this year -- and we missed two of them when we were in Europe. On Saturday, it was cold and rainy (actually, it was a downpour), so Paul and I spent the day at home being creative. Paul sat at the table, working on his latest work of art, and I sat on the couch, working on my Sophie. In fact, she's over half done now -- and I even had time to do a little bit of En Fuego work, too. I was so proud of myself!

Yesterday, however, I didn't knit a single stitch. We decided that it was about time to go whale watching. Actually, there's a reason for it. It looks like we might be leaving New England soon, and we wanted to do the whale watching thing before we leave. We've been talking about leaving pretty much since we got here -- and the plan was to leave in the next year, though our destination was unknown. But now it looks like we might be moving relatively soon -- to Ohio. It's still hush-hush around my husband's office, so don't tell, okay? But I've been looking into the whole moving thing, and while I'm not too excited to pack up my belongings again (nor did I ever really dream of moving to Ohio), it would be nice to head back to the Midwest for a while -- and it would be especially nice to leave New England, where it's painfully obvious that I just don't fit. I've already looked into real estate -- we're talking about getting a nice place with a special guest/drawing/knitting room. And I've already found the local Barnes and Nobles -- and the local yarn store. What else do I need?

We'll be making the final moving decision in a month or so... I'll keep you posted.


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