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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bright Spots in a Blah Day

Yesterday was One of Those Days. You know -- the days when nothing seems to go right. I spent most of the day staring at my computer, trying to think of something brilliantly witty to put on the back cover of my book, but the DayQuil got in the way. I was just feeling way too blah to be witty. So I missed my self-imposed deadline of finishing by the end of the week. Oh, well. There's always Monday.

But, in the midst of all the blah-ness, I got some good news: my car was ready! Woohoo!

So last night we went to get my car from the shop. It had been almost five weeks since we'd dropped it off, and I was so happy (in my own tired and slightly drugged way) to have it back. It looks as good as new. Unfortunately, sometime in the last five weeks, my zebra print steering wheel cover disappeared. Needless to say, I was a little cranky about that -- especially since that particular steering wheel cover has since vanished from Target's shelves. Grrr...

After we picked up the car, Paul (who had also had a pretty bad day) and I decided to order Chinese takeout and spend the rest of the evening zoned out in front of the TV. And it was there that I finished my School Spirit Scarf! Woohoo! I've got to tell you -- it looks really cool. As soon as I add a few more tassels to the currently sparsely-tasseled ends, I'll take a picture and show it off.


Blogger Ashley said...

Yay for finished projects.

2:03 PM


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