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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Little of Everything...

Knitting-wise, I accomplished a little bit of everything yesterday -- but not a lot of anything.

I ended up skipping knitting with the girls at the LYS yesterday. Alas, my car is still in the shop -- and I might not get it until Friday. To add insult to injury, Paul has now parked the lawn mower in my spot in the garage. I suppose it could be worse. He could have clipped my garage door opener to the mower's handle...

So instead of knitting with the girls, I decided to finish proofing my manuscript, which is due back to the publisher on the 1st. And instead of spending $20 on cab fare to the store, I spent the $20 at KnitPicks. I got some Wool of the Andes to finish off a gift, and I got some undyed Wool of the Andes to make a hand-dyed Klaralund. Julie talked me into it. I'm hoping, since I live so close to the KnitPicks Distribution Center, that I'll get it in time for the weekend. Julie and I are finally having another Dyeing Day (woohoo!). But if it doesn't get here in time, Julie assures me that she has plenty WOTA that I can borrow. And, really, I've got plenty of other stuff to dye, too. I should be just fine.

After finishing the read-through of my manuscript proofs yesterday afternoon (two days ahead of schedule, thank you very much), I did a little more stash-organizing. I took more of the yarn that had hidden itself in random corners around the house and found room for it in my new knitting corner downstairs. Then I started rearranging my pattern collection. Before, it was in one ginormous binder, which was getting close to overflowing. Last week, Paul brought three big binders (with the logo for a company conference that was held two years ago) home from work for me -- so I'm transferring patterns from my one ginormous book to three large books (and one ginormous book). I think that should hold everything for a while (and it means that I can start printing patterns again).

When Paul came home, he found me sitting on the floor, binders open and patterns scattered in front of me.

"You've got a lifetime of patterns there," he told me.

"Oh, more than that," I responded cheerily (me being at my cheeriest, of course, when I'm surrounded by all that knitterly goodness). I know I've got way more patterns in that binder than I will ever be able to knit (and let's not even glance over to the ledge that holds my collection of knitting books), but I'll just keep filing more away, just in case one of them happens to be just the pattern I need someday. Better safe than sorry, you know.

Last night, Paul had a phone meeting with one of his colleagues on the other side of the world, so I sat down in front of the TV to do a little knitting. But now I'm facing a dilemma: which project do I work on? I love my Birch, and I can't wait to finish it. But I'm also totally fascinated by my new shadow-knit scarf. Usually, I have a few projects going at a time so I can work on whichever one I feel like working on at a given time. But now I want to work on both. It's wonderful to have two projects that I love so unconditionally, but it also makes it hard to choose which one to work on. So I sat there for a while, looking from one to the other, trying to decide which to work on, and I finally came to a conclusion: both. I started on the scarf for a while, until I finished up the space between the two words. Then I picked up Birch and worked until I came to the end of the repeat. I once again moved my markers, and then I went back to the scarf and started up the K. So again, I got a little of everything done -- but not a lot of anything. But I'm okay with that.


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