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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jackets Time!

This morning, I took a little break from work to hang out downtown with my favorite girlies. Emily had the day off from school for some random reason, so Julie and I took the girls to watch the Blue Jackets practice. Usually, they practice at the Ice Haus, which is attached to Nationwide Arena. Today, however, we got there and found out that they were practicing on the ice at the arena. So We made our way over and took our seats right next to the ice -- the seats that I will never, ever, in a million years be able to sit in during a game.

I pretended to work on proofing my manuscript for a couple of minutes, but there was just no way that was going to happen. Julie was working on her Tribble Scarf (see the blue fuzzy yarn?), and I pulled out the vest I'm making for my niece's Barbie.

Sure, we may have claimed that we were doing this as an outing for the girls (especially for Em, who really wanted Rick Nash's autograph). And sure, they had a blast. But I'm pretty sure Julie and I were way more excited than the girls. Seriously, I almost swooned a couple of times. I was way closer to Sergei Fedorov than my little heart could handle. And, to make it even better, we had cute little kids with us. What can be better than cute little kids? The players absolutely adored Elise, who I believe may have struck up a relationship with Jody Shelley. And Julie and I did nothing but giggle nervously the entire time. I felt like I was 13. But really...how often are you THISCLOSE to that many hockey players (and I'm not talking about the guys in Paul's Wednesday night league)?

I let Em go nuts with my camera, so I have tons of pictures. And though she missed her Nash autograph, Emily did get Marc Denis's autograph:

And Elise got her hand signed by Trevor Letowski, which was her excuse for being late to preschool.

Julie's husband, Roger, was upset that Julie didn't get Nash to sign his jersey, and we assured him that we'd be all too happy to go back again tomorrow.


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