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Thursday, January 05, 2006

I Made It!

I'm racing against the clock at the pay-computers at the Delft library, but I just wanted to post an update...

We finally made it here, but not without incident. Originally, the plan called for two easy flights -- one from Columbus to JFK and another from JFK to Amsterdam. We'd arrive at 8 am. Instead, an ice storm hit JFK, and after waiting an hour in line to check in, we were sent back to the ticket counter to wait two more hours while the computers crashed and the ticket agent tried to reroute us. The plan was to fly from Columbus to Atlanta, get upgraded to business class from Atlanta to Paris and fly from Paris to Amsterdam in the afternoon, getting us to Delft in time for Paul to catch the end of the first meetings.

First, our flight to Atlanta was threatening to get delays by an hour. But we made it on time, only to find that we were on stand-by in Atlanta. At the last minute, we ended up in a couple of seats in coach, and we had to sweet-talk a guy to trade seats so we could sit together. It was a long flight, but I managed to sleep a little bit. We got to Paris in the morning and discovered that our Amsterdam flight was canceled and our bags were still in Atlanta. For our troubles, we got a free lunch at the airport. We hung out in the airport in Paris all day (where, no, you can't see the Eiffel Tower), and we finally got to Amsterdam at around 7:30 at night. Not a fun day. I didn't even really have quality knitting time -- though I did manage to knit up a pair of dishcloths for my friend Annemiek, who's buying a new house in Den Haag this spring.

Last night, before I fell totally and completely asleep, I re-placed my markers and finished Row 9 on Birch. At this rate, maybe I'll finish it by next Christmas...

Now it's 11:00, and my time is running out -- so I'm off to the market to buy me some Dutch pastries...


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