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Monday, January 16, 2006

A Corner of One's Own

Ever since we moved into our house a year ago, I've been struggling with the question of what to do with all of my knitting stuff. I originally had it in a corner of my office (including the closet -- which used to look like this). But then I realized that I needed my office closet for, um, shoe overflow (it's not that I have a lot of shoes -- we just have very little closet space in this house). So it was decided that the knitting stuff would go downstairs. I wasn't thrilled with the idea at first, but now that it's becoming a reality, I'm diggin' it.

On Saturday, before heading off to watch my college basketball team get trounced by their arch rivals via satellite at Buffalo Wild Wings (at least I got some wings out of the deal), we continued with Project Basement Organization. I made trip after trip, dragging my yarn out of my office and tossing it all over the basement floor. I was going to take a picture, but I was a little embarrassed.

After the basketball trouncing, I returned home to continue organizing. And here's how it ended up:

Everything is somewhat organized in containers and cubbies (which will eventually have canvas basket-things in them to keep my yarn from falling all over the floor). In the cupboard below, I have my tools, random accessories, and a ginormous collection of various acrylics (yep, I'll freely admit it). Somewhere along the line I've acquired almost an entire shelf of acrylics in various shades of white. I'm assuming that this has something to do with my mom and her love of garage sales. So if you ever need ecru acrylic, I'm your gal.

My books and magazines are on the ledge, and, in the cupboard on the right, I've got most of my dyeing equipment (as well as a few random non-knitting items, like an extra blanket for guests). And in case you're wondering, the milk jugs are for dyeing, thank you. I'm currently looking for a nice hiding place for them, so I don't start to look like my grandma, who used to horde everything. But the milk jugs have an actual use. I swear.

At the far right is Paul's old desk chair, covered in a warm, cozy blanket. And, of course, there's my candle. Really -- does it get much better than this? Actually, I think this may become my creativity corner. In fact, I intend to make myself a cup of coffee right now and sit down there and get some writing done.

Today I get to see my girls again. It's been four whole weeks! We spent the whole weekend trying to figure out exactly how I'm going to get to the store, though, since my poor car won't be back from the shop until Friday at the earliest (though it might be there until next Wednesday -- they're not sure yet). Our solution: I'm going to have to call a cab to drive me to the store. This totally cracks me up, since I grew up here in the suburban Midwest, where taxi cabs are as foreign and mysterious (and scary) as UFOs. But hey -- beggars can't be choosers. I have no car. I need to get somewhere. It's either call a cab or take the bus -- and I went with the least frightening option. I'll let you know how it goes...

Coming soon:
Pictures of my sis-in-law's felted tote (gorgeous!) and Birch (after I work on it all night tonight while watching the Golden Globes).


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