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Friday, January 27, 2006

I Wish I Had This Much Time On My Hands...

Seriously. Some people just have way too much time on their hands -- so much time that they feel the need to do things like design baby hats that look like giant squid.

Julie just sent me >this link to the squid hat. Perhaps you've seen it already. But even if you have, go over there and check it out again -- just for the pictures of the giant squid eating the cat. I laughed so hard, I almost stopped breathing.

Tomorrow, Julie and I are finally having our very own Dyeing Day. It's been way too long since our last one, and I have tons of stuff to dye. If you'll look back at this picture of my knitting corner and take a look at the second cube down on the right, you'll see that I have all kinds of yarn that's just begging to be dyed. And I have four hanks of natural Wool of the Andes that should be arriving today -- for my hand-dyed Klaralund. I'm so excited to dye, in fact, that I've agreed to allow Julie to come over at NINE A.M.! ON A SATURDAY MORNING! I'm quite sure that, come tomorrow morning, I will curse her just the teeniest, tiniest of bits, but it'll be worth it. Woohoo!


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