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Friday, December 03, 2004

Decor Dilemma

So when you move -- especially when you hire movers -- you inevitably end up having to go through *all* of your stuff. The movers, it turns out, emptied out *everything*. Any drawers or cupboards that I had filled with my junk...it *all* got emptied out, the contents all wrapped in several sheets of paper and packed in a box. Was this necessary? Probably not. Was it a pain in the rear end for me, having to unpack all the boxes and unwrap all of my junk that had been wrapped? Definitely. Still, at the same time, it forced me to go through all the crap I'd accumulated and rethink my pack-rat habits.

Where am I going with this? I'm not quite sure. I started heading in one direction, but I ended up somewhere totally different. That often happens when you move to a new place.

Anyway, I was talking about the movers emptying everything out... That included my knitting cabinet, which I had crammed full of stuff. Yesterday I finally got around to unpacking the first two boxes of my knitting stuff and putting it back in my cabinet, and it was like Christmas came early. I got to go through my stash and remember just what I had. I found all the little scraps of stuff that Mom has collected for me from garage sales over the years -- balls of acrylic stuff that I want to use to make a quick toy snake for my nephew for Christmas...just for fun. That's the kind of stuff that was packed in my cabinet -- patterns, magazines, trinkets, acrylic, and left-overs (the good stuff was under the bed -- that's in another box...). While I was digging around, though, I found three full skeins of Patons Decor in white. I know I have some navy, too, and it got me all excited. I know it's not the classiest yarn in the world, but I've got a lot of it. So now I'm all excited to make something with it. But what? What does one make with three skeins of white Patons Decor (and perhaps some navy, which I happen to recall having somewhere)? Any ideas?

Until I figure it out, it's back to the unpacking for me. I took a few days off, but I've gotten my second wind. The office is almost box-free - it feels *wonderful*! And I even unpacked some of the stuff that was in Paul's office -- to give him a hand, since he has to go back to the office all day, and he's going to Europe on business. Then again, why should I feel sorry for him? He gets to go to Europe for five days without me! Never mind...he can clean out his *own* office!

Since Paul's leaving (and I still don't have a car), Mom and Dad are coming for a few days -- to keep me company. They can do that now that I'm only six hours away. I've got to do some Christmas shopping, but I also intend to hit the yarn store while I've got Mom's car... I've been going crazy, sitting here in the house, not being able to get my yarn fix!


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