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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Knitting haze

It's been a knitalicious weekend so far. On Friday night, Paul had to go to a meeting, so I sat in front of the TV and dove back into my Bogey Jacket. I got so caught up in my knitting haze (and Friends reruns) that I suddenly pulled myself out and realized that it was 8:30 -- and I was supposed to get the laundry out of the laundry room downstairs an hour before. Oops. But I finished the jacket. It just needs the buttons, which I'll wait to sew on until after I have a fitting with its furry owner.

Yesterday, I decided to dive into my pile of UFOs that had been sitting on my knitting basket (some had been there for months). I just hate sewing the ends in, for some reason. I realize it's not a difficult task, so I don't know why I hate it so much, but I do. So I had a huge pile of stuff that I hadn't finished. And while I was waiting for the Red Sox game to start last night, I finished five dishcloths and four scarves. Then I made a couple of dish scrubbies for Mom (out of strips of tulle that Mom took from the seamstresses at the bridal shop) and started another miscellaneous scarf. There's another game on tonight, so I should be able to finish that scarf in no time.

Mom called this morning to tell me that she wore the mini shawl/scarf that I'd made for her out of Plymouth Electra (I didn't take a picture, darnit) to church this morning, and she was the talk of the congregation. She was so excited about her new scarf (which she wore with her new black dress) that I may have to get her another color of Electra to make another one.

My greatest wish right now: I wish I knew how to knit socks -- because I'd make myself some Red Sox. :)


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