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Friday, November 12, 2004

Stash enhancement is the best medicine

I love my LYS Posted by Hello

The LYS was having a big pre-Thanksgiving store, so Alicia and I made an afternoon of it. I took Alicia on her first trip to Taco Bell, and then we hit the LYS. Man, I'm gonna miss that place! No one has sales like they do! I bought four skeins of Weekend Cotton (for instant hats, one of which is for Alicia -- I made it while watching The Apprentice last night) for $2.80 each, three cones of something for a nice scarf for $1 each, and three skeins of what I discovered later is Isabella for $1 each. And, as an added bonus, I pulled a Jo Sharp book out of the free bin -- it's got some great, easy-looking patterns in it.

I told Paul that when we come back to Massachusetts, I'll have to bring an extra suitcase and make a stop at the LYS.

After our yarn store trip, Alicia and I hit AC Moore for some new needles for Alicia. She bought some Lamb's Pride in turquoise and black to make a felted purse, so she needed some new needles for tackling the project.

What a great afternoon! There's really nothing like Taco Bell and yarn shopping to bring a smile back to your face...


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