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Friday, September 03, 2004


Friday couldn't come soon enough this week. Even though I had Monday off (and I spent much of it running through airports), I feel like this week has gone on forever. The prospect of moving just makes my head spin a bit. Right now, we're trying to search for homes and/or apartments in a city we've never even visited. We fly out to Columbus on Wednesday, though, so a lot of our questions will be answered then (like whether or not we're actually going to move).

So my pile of knitting has really come in handy this week. On Wednesday, I finished the two pieces of my niece's fuzzy pink poncho (Mom says she'll like it so much that she'll want to sleep in it), but I didn't feel like doing the final stitching-together stuff, so I went back to En Fuego to fix my Major Screw-up from last week. Last Thursday afternoon, as I was preparing to leave for Michigan, I sat down to watch the Olympics and knit a few rows before I left. While doing so, I accidentally added an extra yarn-over, and I didn't catch it for two rows -- so I had to take them all out. So now I'm ready to move forward on my shawl again. I also decided to start a new project. Fall is on its way, so I started my fall poncho. Ever since spring, I wanted to make the new poncho on the Lion Brand site, and now I'm finally starting. I'm working in Homespun Pagoda instead of Color Waves. It's a good project to work on during all of those discussions about renting and buying and moving and stuff. It calms me down in an otherwise stressful situation. I'll set a deadline for myself -- I want to finish the poncho before we move.


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