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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Not Good.

I started my day with Aleve and coffee. This, my friends, is not a good sign.

This, however, is good:

I got a lot of work done on my sleeve yesterday. I'm working on reviewing a three-hour documentary, so I worked on the sleeve while I watched part of it yesterday. After dinner, I worked on it while I watched curling (I never thought I'd be so totally hooked on curling). Then I worked on it a little more while I watched Paul play hockey -- despite the fact that it was so cold in the bleachers that my fingers almost froze off.

It was the first game that I'd actually managed to come to this season -- but it was also the first game they had before, oh, 10:30. As it turns out, one of the girlfriends just picked up Knitting for Dummies and taught herself to knit. I offered to help her out if she needs it. One of the wives really wants a tea cozy, too (yep -- a tea cozy) -- so if anyone has a cool tea cozy pattern, let me know.

I had been working away through the game when someone asked if I was working on a sweater. I held it up for display, and there was much amazement. "It actually looks like a sweater," someone told me. "I thought you knit sweaters in all kinds of pieces." Ah, the joy of the top-down raglan. Oh, how I love thee, top-down raglan.

When we got home (Paul's team lost 4-3, though Paul did score a goal, so that's a good thing), I was so excited that I just had to try the thing on. And then I was so excited that I made Paul take a picture. Then he took a shower and I got back to work on my sleeve.

Then again, maybe I should just keep it as it is. Knit a little rib around each arm and call it good. It looks a little Teva Durham this way, don't you think?


Blogger Sourire11 said...

Thanks for the encouraging comment! I'm going to keep trying...

your sweater looks great - I have yet to discover the wonders of the top down raglan...or of any sort of raglan. I think I need to try that next.

curling rules! I've been watching just about all of the games - but i'm still pretty clueless as to what's going on. I understand basic scoring but the strategy and the lingo is still pretty confusing.

12:53 PM

Blogger Ashley said...

Hey if you're getting close to not finishing, you could always rip out the sleeves and call it a t-shirt. I love the pattern, and the color.

4:40 PM

Anonymous heather said...

lokkin good! maybe it will be done by monday!

5:39 PM

Blogger Sourire11 said...

I tried to comment on your most recent post and I got an error page - not sure what's going on there...

your bathroom looks nice! I'm ordering some wallpaper for my bathroom this weekend!

I'm interested to see what lace pattern you choose - I have 2 weddings to go to this spring and I had been thinking about possibly making a shawl myself. of course I've never knit lace before...

4:50 PM


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