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Thursday, February 16, 2006

New Hair To Go With My New Shawl

This afternoon, I headed on over to sip and stitch with the girls. And guess what -- Miss Carol and the Sock Princess were there! Not only that, but Chandra just happened to be hanging out at Caribou, working on an adorable baby sweater, so she joined in, too. Caffeine and knitting! And friends! Yea! (Okay -- maybe a little too much caffeine, since I'm currently tempted to add a Yea! after every sentence.)

Julie was working on swatching the new lace shawl that she's designing. It's going to be absolutely gorgeous! And I got some time to work on the sweater. In fact, I was so busy knitting that I almost forgot to drink my coffee (then I gulped it, which could account for how crazy and jittery I am right now). It was so much fun that I couldn't believe that the time flew by so fast! Before I knew it, it was already time to leave.

So I packed up my stuff and got in the car, and I had that sudden crazy impulse to cut my hair. It's been *way too long*. I've been trying to find the right time to get a haircut since before Christmas -- and I was just to the point where it didn't matter how much I had to do back home. My hair had to go. Right now. Blame it on the double shot of espresso...

Fortunately, Heather, the wonderful girl who cuts my hair, had a 3:15 opening, so I was all over that. And now I have a new 'do to go with my new Birch.

(If only I'd thought to take this picture *before* I started messing with my hair)

Can there be anything better than a new shawl and a new haircut -- and an afternoon of knitting with friends? I think not.


Anonymous Julie said...

nice Do! Could Mr. K believe the shawl when he saw it finished and blocked? Don't you just want to go out and show it off! yea, you!

6:33 PM

Anonymous Carol M said...

Great new do! You look so cute, as always! Can't say much for me in the other pic.

8:12 PM

Blogger kdk said...

Thanks guys. :) I can't believe how different my head feels this morning!

Paul was quite impressed by the shawl. I had just tossed it on the bed after taking the pic, and he noticed it right away. I'm pretty proud of myself -- b/c it's not every day you can impress a guy buy showing him lace. :)

9:26 AM

Anonymous sock princess said...

Love the new "do". The shawl is great. I'm totally impressed with both the hair and the shawl.

7:30 PM


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