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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Who Needs Sleep?

I had the hardest time dragging my butt to bed last night. It could have had something to do with the fact that Paul wasn't feeling too well when he got home from work, and he didn't feel like going out for dinner, so we ended up catching a movie and getting dessert afterwards. Thus, I had a nice sugar buzz from Applebee's Blue Ribbon Brownie (yum!). But it also could have had something to do with the fact that I'm at that exciting it's-actually-looking-like-a-sweater phase.

Last night, after dessert, I finally separated the sleeves from the body. See? I knit up a couple of rounds of the body, and it's starting to look like a little tiny sweater. Now all I have to do is knit around and around and around and around. And if I happen to be brainlessly watching the Olympics at the same time, I could knit around and around all night without realizing what I'm doing. Just watching figure skating and knitting around and around and around. After all, I can't go to bed yet -- I need to watch the last American figure skater of the night, but they're not showing that until after they cover downhill skiing, so I'm just going to have to watch that... But then, after the last American skater, they put the last Canadian skater on, and I'm just going to have to watch him, too...

I might as well just forget about sleeping until the Olympics are over and the sweater's done.


Blogger Sourire11 said...

Your sweater looks great! What pattern is it? and I compltely feel you pain with the no sleep b/c of the Olympics thing.

Thanks for the comment on my blog - I'm not sure if I have a green thumb. I've successfully kept a few houseplants alive so at least that's something...I guess I'm going to find out soon!

10:49 AM

Blogger kdk said...

Thanks! I'm totally loving it -- now that I've figured all the gauge issues out. It's the Glampyre Easy V-Neck Raglan. The pattern calls for a worsted yarn with a gauge of 15 sts/4" on 7s. Very strange. But I'm working at my own gauge and figuring out the math. It's a little scary...but it seems to be working. And if I keep staying up to watch just "one more figure skater"...I should have it done in no time. :)

Good luck with the plants! After living in an apartment all my adult life, it was a bit of a shock to have these growing things that needed my attention, but it was so exciting to have flowers!

9:31 AM

Anonymous Heather said...

so is that the project that you have been talking about and not telling us?lol..........

4:05 PM

Blogger kdk said...

Nope...the Super Secret Mystery Project is black, remember? :)

11:06 AM

Anonymous heather said...


10:10 AM


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