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Monday, February 06, 2006

Fiber, Food, Football...

Yesterday was the annual Super Bowl Sale at The Stitch in Delaware, so, after getting a phone call from Julie, summoning me to the knitterly goodness, I hopped in the car and drove north, where we made our way through the yarns, greeting just about everyone we knew. The Super Bowl Sale at The Stitch is one huge event. Believe it or not, I didn't even buy anything -- even though I really *wanted* to buy something. But, for some reason, nothing was calling out to me. Or maybe my ears were still a little clogged from the cold.

After the sale, I headed back to Julie's to help make chili. But, upon getting there, we realized that there were no canned green chilies in the house, so I headed out to the grocery store with Julie's daughter Emily. There, we wandered through the store about four times, picking up Cool Ranch Doritos...Fruit Smoothie Skittles (which Emily just had to have -- and who am I to deny my kinda-niece her Skittles?)...anything but chilies. It took an emergency phone call back to Julie to get ourselves to the Canned Chilies Aisle.

Back at the ranch, it was a Food Free-For-All. There was chili. There were chips of all kinds. And there was a huge back of Skittles (which were actually quite good). And then there was football. I pulled out the vest that I started designing over the weekend, and Julie pulled out a lace pattern that she's been trying to chart.

I can't say that I remember much of the game, but we thoroughly enjoyed the commercials. I can't say how many times I've watched the Diet Pepsi Brown and Bubbly commercial already -- and we totally loved the Nationwide Fabio commercial. I was also a big fan of Sprint's Crime Deterrent Phone and the Bud Light Magic Fridge. During the half-time show, however, we were generally appalled. I have to say that the Rolling Stones' show was the one time during the evening when I really wished that we weren't watching in HD. It was just plain disturbing. Though we were quite amused by what appeared to be granny pants thrown on stage (something that Julie told me that she expected to be mentioned on the blog today), the wrinkly old men with arm flab was just more than we could handle. And all this because of one wardrobe malfunction two years ago. Ah...I remember when the Super Bowl Halftime Show was cool.

But, overall, a good time was had by all -- though I'm still a little sick from all the Doritos I consumed. I figure the Super Bowl -- and the subsequent Dorito Hangover -- only comes once a year, though, so it's all good.

This morning, I was feeling the need for another new project. So, after admiring Rachel's Glampyre Raglan for a while now, I broke down and bought the pattern. And, instead of finishing up the copy for my book cover (oops), I went skipping downstairs to pick out some yarn. I'm actually thinking about breaking into the old Cotton Ease stockpile for a happy sweater in Popsicle Blue. Yea! A new project! I can't wait!


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