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Friday, February 10, 2006


This afternoon, I stopped over at Julie's place because she's graciously letting me borrow a Blue Jackets jersey for tonight's game -- because everybody and their mother wears jerseys to the game, and I haven't gotten my own yet, for fear that I'll be lynched back home, in Red Wings territory (I'm thinking that if I get one with 91 -- Sergei Fedorov's number -- on it, that'll save my hide a little bit and show my loyalty to *both* teams). Anyway...while I was there, I conned Julie into helping me block my Birch because I totally have no clue what I'm doing when it comes to blocking, and I want this one to turn out. As an added bonus, Julie had borrowed some blocking wires, which are absolutely heavenly for blocking.

Julie promised that no one would run across the shawl while it's blocking. And the dog is guaranteeing that by guarding it with her life:

Tomorrow, my Birch will be blocked and ready to wear. I can't wait! And, in the meantime, it's totally inspired both me and Julie to get to work on lace again. I love lace. It's as addictive as, say, crack. Or, perhaps, Starbucks. Or Pizza Pizza in Canada (whenever I watch a Canadian hockey game and see the Pizza Pizza ads on the boards, I start craving it again). But anyway...you get the idea. Once you start, you might as well just forget about quitting.

Julie bought some gorgeous fuschia lace-weight yarn today, and we've picked out her next shawl. I'm thinking I might try a scarf for my next lace project. Then another shawl. It'll have to be something nice to wear with whatever it is that I choose to wear to my SIL's wedding in June...


Anonymous Carol said...

Miss kdk,
This is me :( ,begging forgiveness, for totally forgetting about the knitting "date".(At least my house is now semi-clean. Getting rid of dust bunnies is really time consuming and brain numbing). The date is on my calendar for next week and the Sock Princess and I will remind each other every day!!We miss seeing you.

10:20 PM


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