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Friday, February 10, 2006

Stood Up

Yesterday, I was excited to meet the gang at Caribou Coffee for caffeine and knitting. Miss Carol and the Sock Princess promised that they'd be there. They said so on Wednesday, when Julie ran into them at the LYS. And the Sock Princess promised that she wouldn't end up at the gas station coffee shop, trying to figure out where the heck we were, like she did last time. But we got there at the usual time, got our coffee, settled in, and...no Miss Carol or Sock Princess. We totally got stood up! Can you believe it? So instead of sharing finished projects and Knit Picks color cards with the ladies, I finished up the scarf that I'd started for my niece at the game, and Julie flipped through her Treasury of Knitting Patterns and found a really cute pattern to try out for a blanket square, all the while harassing me about the joys of swatching. I'll buy necessary. Swatching is often necessary. But it is not fun.

Last night, after a trip to the grocery store and between trips to the Honda dealership to drop off/pick up my car (which is now, finally, home for good), I sat down and figured out the math for the next part of The Mystery Project. I was so very tired last night (after not sleeping the night before), but I couldn't go to bed until I finished the next part. Now, if all goes well, I think I may be able to finish the thing by early next week, and I'll be able to show it off -- and finally reveal what the heck the thing is. It might be a little bigger than I'd planned (it's always a little tricky to figure out exactly how things are going to work when you're working with 3x3 ribbing), but I think it's going to be pretty cool anyway.

I wish I could bring it along and work on it during the game tonight, but we're going with non-knitters, and non-knitters usually don't understand the whole hanging-out-and-knitting thing. So I'll have to refrain because Paul would probably get mad at me if I brought my knitting along and forced my addiction on another friend. So it'll be weird sitting through a whole hockey game without knitting a single stitch, but I'll survive.



Anonymous kgm said...

Sorry! Completely forgot. I was so proud that I knew where to come. At my age, you must remind me the morning of. Carol isn't old so she has no excuse. Sock Princess

5:35 PM

Blogger kdk said...

I don't know... Maybe if *one* of you forgot, I'd buy it. But *both* of you? Just forgetting? Sounds like a conspiracy to me... ;)

9:02 PM


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