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Friday, February 17, 2006


When I got up this morning, I figured I had plenty of time. My parents are showing up...sometime today. But, being my parents and all, they're not really morning people, so I figured they'd hit the road around 10 or so, and with Dad's driving (he is a senior citizen now, after all, so he's allowed to be a bit pokey) and a nice relaxing stop for lunch, I figured they'd show up around 5ish.

We didn't get our cleaning done last night because we had to do some shopping first. So I still have some floors to wash and laundry to do -- and I still need to clean the kitchen. But I figured I'd get some work done this morning and finish the cleaning later this afternoon.

So I took my shower, amazed by the lack of hair on my head, and got to my desk, where there was an email from Mom, saying they were just loading up the car, and they'd be on their way soon. "We'll see you around 3," she said. THREE!? Since when are my parents up and ready to leave at 8 in the morning? Shouldn't they be sleeping in? I would, were I retired.

Crap. I guess I'd better start the laundry.


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