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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Nothin' left but the finishin'

Last night, I finished the front of my poncho. Now I have the two pieces--and all I need to do is stitch them together and finish the neck. Of course, that's the not-so-fun part, so it may take a while. I've learned from past projects that Homespun isn't a great yarn for finishing, so I think I'll grab some black something instead and finish the job.

And...some other good news: I'm not as stupid as I thought. I was on the Lion Brand site yesterday, and, for some reason, I was drawn to the errata page. On it, I saw that they had erroneously said that I needed five skeins of yarn for the pattern--when I would have actually needed seven. And it all came back to me. When I switched from using the yarn for a sweater to using the yarn for a poncho, I did a few calculations and figured out that four skeins of Homespun would be the same as five skeins of the recommended yarn. So I actually did stop to figure that out. It's not my fault that they told me the wrong number of skeins.

I feel much better (and much smarter) now.


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