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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blanket Pictures...

As promised...a couple of pictures from my recent (and ongoing) Blanket Phase.

As you may recall, my Blanket Phase started when I knit up my first log cabin blanket. Once I finished it, I realized just how fun it was to knit up log cabin blankets. They're fabulously brainless without getting boring -- because once you get sick of knitting one color, you can just bind off and start another. Brilliant!

I also realized that Chandra was due to give birth to a little boy in a matter of weeks. At first, I considered giving Chandra the first blanket (even though, after I finished it, my mom looked at it and said, "Maybe you should just keep that one for yourself."), but it wasn't Chandra's colors. Chandra was doing browns and blues.

So I ran out to the store to by more yarn and ended up with this:

After I finished the blanket for Chandra's little guy (who's now known as Brooks), we went to Toronto to visit the in-laws. While we were there, we found out that our friends, Dan and Amber, are expecting their second in January (their first, little Hazel, is the cutest little girl I have ever seen). So, on the way home, we stopped at the yarn outlet, where I picked up a whole bunch of something in yellow and blue. Since it was in the Factory Seconds bin (for 35 cents an ounce), I don't really know what it was, but I think it may be Berella. Whatever it is, though, I absolutely LOVE this yarn. It's soft and squishy, and it's great to work with. And it makes a pretty cute blanket, too. This time, I decided to try something other than the log cabin blanket, so I went with a big stripey square:

When I was at the outlet, I wanted to make sure that I had enough yarn to make a blanket. I didn't know what gauge it would work up to or how much of everything I'd need, so I just grabbed five balls of each. I decided to shoot for about a 30" square blanket -- and it took me less than 1 1/2 balls of each color. So I had a ton left. I figured I'd just make two more blankets just like it, but my mom told me that I really need to use the blue to make myself a vest or something. So when I started the new blanket on Monday, I decided to make it all yellow.

No pictures of the new blanket yet -- because there isn't much to look at. It's just a 11x11 yellow square. But it'll be something soon enough...

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