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Saturday, April 01, 2006

New Month...New Colors

I marked the end of March yesterday by wearing my red hoodie -- and I'm celebrating the beginning of April in my orange T-shirt. Yea! Month 2 of Project Spectrum has begun!

March was a great month -- and I learned to embrace some new colors. I made my pink Girly Girl Scarf out of hand-dyed yarn. I made a red scarf for my niece's doll. I made a hollyberry and black clutch for my aunt. And I even dyed a whole hank of red silk -- for a shawl that I started and may finish...someday...

April, however, is a fab month for me. I love orange and yellow. I've already got a great hank of hand-dyed orange and yellow yarn ready to go. And I've got some orange yarn for a nice summery sweater. Bring on April! I'm ready to go all orange and yellow!


Blogger craftymodster said...

Oh me too! I didn't think I'd be looking forward to these two colors, but I am. I can't wait to see what you creat this month, K, especially with the hand-dyed stuff. Yay!

3:29 AM

Blogger Lolly said...

It is great to see your enthusiasm about it! I wore a yellow tee on Saturday to commemorate ;)

8:05 AM


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