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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Time Off...

After Thursday's lace disaster, I took a little time away from my shawl to work on these:

Friends of ours from Massachusetts are due any time now. Unfortunately, the daddy-to-be is in the military, and he was deployed a couple of months ago. They're having a boy, so I thought little camo booties would be fun.

The pattern was one I found in Simply Knitting magazine a while back, and I thought it would be perfect. It was such a quick knit -- I finished 1 1/2 while watching a movie on Friday night. This is definitely a pattern that I'll be using again. In fact, I'm sure all my pregnant friends will be getting them in various colors.

On Saturday, I needed to pick up a few little things at Hobby Lobby, so I ran out for a bit. I was stopped by the giant rack of $1 clearance books right by the door -- I got a couple of books that I'd been eyeing for ages but didn't want to spend the money. Then I made it back to the yarn. I was just studying some new self-striping baby yarn when a cart came around the corner -- and pushing it was the Sock Princess. We spent a while perusing the yarn and catching up on our latest projects (she did two baby sweaters and a pair of socks in the last week!). And we picked out some really cute yarn for her new summer cardi -- which is going to be so cute that I may just go back and buy the yarn for a matching one. Then, after paying for our purchases, we decided to walk over to Starbucks for coffee.

I was so shocked to run into SP -- because in the 16 months that I've lived in Ohio, I've never just run into someone I knew in a store. Then again, how shocking is it that two yarn addicts would run into each other in the yarn aisle of Hobby Lobby?

So now I've decided that it's safe to go back to my lace. I did a couple of rows already this afternoon -- without incident -- and I think I'll pull it out again tonight. Of course, it could be dangerous to mix lace knitting and Desperate Housewives -- so I might want to have another project waiting in the wings...just in case.


Anonymous Mitten Maven said...

Those booties are adorable!

6:08 PM

Anonymous Emily said...

What a hoot! What yarn is that?

2:53 PM

Blogger Ashley said...

Adorable booties.

3:58 PM

Blogger Sourire11 said...

Those booties are so cute! Glad to hear you’re back at the Adamas shawl… I haven’t knit anything on it in awhile…

10:46 AM


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