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Thursday, March 16, 2006

I've Created a Monster

I was running out to the library and the grocery store yesterday (to stock up on Things That Paul Won't Eat), and I thought I'd give my mom a call. She wasn't home (she never is, actually), so I called her cell. She was giggling already when she picked up the phone.

"OOH!" she said, "I've got my hands full of yarn!"

Mom was in Hobby Lobby, stocking up on all kinds of sale yarn. There, she met another lady about her age, who had a cart full. The two were wandering around the aisles, comparing notes and showing each other even more fabulous yarns.

It reminded me of an entry from Lolly's blog -- when she got her mom hooked on knitting. I happen to recall that Lolly's side of the conversation was nothing but "Ha ha." So was the case with Mom and me -- except my side of the conversation was more of a "Hee hee." It totally cracked me up (and, at the same time, warmed my heart) that my mom was so totally jazzed about yarn.

I have taught her well.

Last night, I got another call from Mom. She wanted to know how many stitches she should cast on for her next scarf. And this morning I got an email saying that she'd already finished two feet.

You go, Mom!

Today is a big day -- it's the day of the great Dyeing Extravaganza. Julie just stopped by to drop off her yarn and our powder dyes, and I pulled out my yarn and our RIT dyes. Tonight, the Sock Princess will be arriving, and Julie will be returning, and the insanity will begin. Actually, I have no idea how I'm going to be able to concentrate on my work this afternoon -- with the whole kitchen and dining room covered in yarn just begging for color.

Stay tuned for a photo montage tomorrow...


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