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Monday, March 13, 2006

Almost Done...

I kicked it into high gear on the blanket yesterday. I was determined to finish it, but I didn't quite make it last night. I'm just 15 rows away (after quickly working up another row while the coffee brewed this morning). It's just such a boring knit -- and it's a gigantic blanket. I'll just be so happy when I finish. And, so help me, I'm not starting another baby blanket until the pain of this one totally goes away.

I'm sure it would help if I had another project to work on every once in a while, but the blanket is so huge, and poor Paul tends to get a bit cranky (and understandably so) when my knitting takes up the entire living room. Heck, even I get a bit cranky when my knitting takes up the entire living room. We really need one of those coffee tables with big huge drawers underneath. Then I can just close the drawers and make the living room look like less of a disaster area.

I'm already dreaming about what I'll start when I finish the blanket. Maybe I'll humor the girls and rip out my Super-Secret Project and start it over in the right size. Maybe I'll do this capelet, for which Barbara got me the yarn for Christmas. Maybe I'll finally start on that cardi. Then again, there's always my Project Spectrum project, which I'll be starting as soon as I finish dyeing the yarn on Thursday. And the wedding shawl, which I also plan to start next week. So many projects...

In non-knitting news...remember my neighbor with the excessively noisy truck? The one that shook my whole house and woke me from my sleep (and made me seriously ticked off)? Well, the truck is gone, and there's a new vehicle in its place.

The good news: it's not (quite) as loud as the truck. It's still loud, but it doesn't usually shake the house.

The bad news: it's a hearse. Circa 1972. Brown.

I realize now that I should be careful what I wish for -- or, at least, when I make my wishes, I should be more specific.


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