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Sunday, March 12, 2006

It Snowed in Phoenix Yesterday

Normally, that wouldn't really be worth mention. Sure, it's pretty crazy, since it's Phoenix. But upon seeing the pictures of kids sledding in Arizona on TV yesterday, I turned to my dear husband and said, "See? This is what happens when you go to Arizona and leave your wife in Ohio."

Ha! It's a balmy 64 here this afternoon, and it was only supposed to reach 58 in Phoenix. I feel better now.

After I dropped him off at the airport this afternoon, I did what I always do as soon as he leaves on a business trip. I cleaned the house. And I cranked the stereo.

While it always sucks when Paul gets to go to a fancy hotel (in a state that's usually quite hot this time of year) for a business trip that involves schmoozing and an open bar, there are a few things that I get to do while I'm stuck at home. For instance:

1) I get to watch all the girly movies I want.
2) I can also take charge of the remote.
3) I can go without cooking. Yea!
4) I can order pizza with pineapple on it.
5) I can work until midnight and sleep in to make up for it.
6) I can play with yarn without anyone looking at me like I'm on crack.

So today, after cleaning the kitchen, I decided to prep for my next dyeing adventure by winding some of my yarn from the *last* dyeing adventure into balls. Then I hanked some wool to get it ready for dyeing:

This weekend was generally just plain fab. I got all kinds of great things in the mail -- like Anjo's Project Spectrum CD. I was so excited! (Click here for a close-up of her super-cool design.) Thanks, Anjo!

But wait...there's more! You know in movies, how when something spectacular happens -- something beautiful and/or miraculous -- there's often the sound of a chorus of angels singing in the background? Well, a chorus of angels were singing in my kitchen when I opened up my package from KnitPicks.

See the yarn-y goodness:

There's more paint-your-own lace weight yarn (which I'll be dyeing on Thursday), some Wool of the Andes to make a clutch for my aunt. And then...the Gossamer. This picture doesn't do it justice. I just want to sit around and stare at it all day. It's that gorgeous. Now I need to decide on a shawl pattern. I need one that's fabulous yet simple enough not to get drowned out by the variegated yarn... It's a tough call...


Blogger Ashley said...

That orange is amazing.

3:13 PM


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