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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Thanks so much for all of your comments (both on the blog and in person) about the sweater. I've got sweaters on the brain now (along with lace and shadow knitting), and I've been eyeing the cotton I bought for a cardi last summer -- and I think it's about time to get started.

Yesterday, however, I stuck with nice brainless projects -- to help me wind down a bit from the sweater insanity. Not only that, but yesterday was Monday, i.e. Kids' Knitting Day. Mondays are not for projects that require any thought. And I have a fabulous finished Squishy Scarf to show for it.

This week, there were four girls. The first to arrive was Miss A, who brought her short attention span with her. Miss S arrived shortly thereafter, in time for the beginning of Miss A's total meltdown. A couple of weeks ago, Miss A came in with her slightly imperfect scarf. She decided she hated it, so she ripped it out and started it over as a scarf for a doll. This week, she decided that her yarn (a pretty green with a shiny variegated strand running through it) was *boring*. And she was sick of her scarf. She's been knitting for, oh, a month, and she wants to make a sweater. She never wants to knit a scarf, ever again. She also does not want to knit wrist warmers or a headband or any of those other things that we all make when we're just beginning. She wants to knit a sweater. The problem, of course, is that she's still at the point where, about every other row, she screams, "I messed up!" and shoves her needles in my face, demanding that I fix it. How on earth am I supposed to get her to purl and do increases and decreases? She was ticked off enough that I expected her to do her own bind-off. Not only that, but she can't even stay interested long enough to finish a *doll scarf*.

Miss S quietly, with a little smirk, suggested variegated yarn.

Miss H thinks it's funny -- because Miss A is a lot like she was last summer. I suppose that should make me feel better -- because Miss H has come a long way since then, and she's pretty much self-sufficient now. But man, Miss A is exhausting. And, just for the record, Miss H never screamed at me.

But once again, it was an entertaining day with the girls. I'm always amused by the topics they discuss on any given week. This week, it ranged from savings accounts to Miss H's rather complicated explanation of how it would be possible to be older than her mother. The rest of the girls weren't buying it.

One thing, however, I know for sure: next week, I'm showing up early, and I'm hiding anything in the store that contains sugar.


Anonymous Miss H said...

It really is not all that complicated.This is how it would go:If my "real" mom had me when my aunt was 1 and my mom dies when im 2 when my aunt is older she could adopt me thus making her my mom and older tha me.

4:39 PM

Anonymous Miss H said...

srry about the part that says"older tha me" i ment to say *me older than her*

4:43 PM

Blogger kdk said...

Actually, that wasn't what you were arguing yesterday. You were arguing that your mom's sister would be a year *younger* than you. And Miss S was a little confused as to why you would be adopted by someone younger than you...

LOL. Never mind.

4:45 PM

Anonymous Miss H said...

well it could happen.

lol,g2g'c ya

4:45 PM


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