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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Two Strikes...

Last night, I sat back down to work on the baby blanket again. And for some reason, the pattern just wasn't working for me. I was *one stitch off*, and I had no idea how it happened. So I frogged it. Again. And this time, I decided to learn my lesson and try a different pattern. So after three nights of working on the blanket, I've gotten this far:

Pathetic. If I were working on another baby cardi, I'd be almost done -- and I haven't even finished the bottom edge of the border. I'll finish this one, but after that, I'm taking a break from baby blankets. Stupid blankets.

Julie and I met at the art store by my house yesterday to hunt for acid dyes. We were fortunate enough to be helped by a woman who has a degree in textiles, and she told us not to bother with acids. Basically, she told us they smell bad, and they're not worth it. She said the MX dyes and the silk dyes would be every bit as good. So we're going to stick with that. I just placed our latest KnitPicks order yesterday, so our new dye-your-own lace weight yarn should be here in time for our little dyeing party next Thursday. If all goes well, I may just be wearing a hand-dyed, hand-knit lace shawl to my SIL's wedding...

In other news, my new glasses finally arrived yesterday. Woohoo! I haven't actually had glasses that I could wear in public for about five years now, so it's all very exciting -- and strange. I'm used to my contacts, so putting on a pair of glasses that make everything all weird and curvy had me feeling a little motion-sick last night. I put them on for a while this morning, but then I gave up and put my contacts back in. It'll take a while to get used to them, but I'm so excited -- they're so very cool.


Blogger Ashley said...

Love the colors in the baby blanket. After my crocheted one I don't have any desire to sew anything. Try tricking yourself into working on it. I think that works best.

12:21 PM

Blogger kdk said...

Thanks, Ashley. I figured they were relatively neutral -- though I'm getting sick of seeing them in a pile on the floor.

One piece is definitely the way to go, though. I'm still so impressed that you sewed all those pieces together...

12:26 PM


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