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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Project Spectrum Galore!

Finally...a few pictures of Project Spectrum Goodness:

First is my Girly-Girl Scarf. It's so pink and ruffley, don't you think? And I love it. I wish it were a little longer, but I only had 200 yards of my hand-dyed yarn. Still, it's a cute little scarf -- and it's long enough to spruce up my jacket (or maybe it'll go to my favorite little girly-girl, my niece, Kaari).

So last night, I decided to start my Fabulous Wedding Shawl. I sat on the couch for the longest time, trying to decide whether to do the Flower Basket or the Adamas. I had a bunch of pros and cons for each, and I had the hardest time committing (as I usually do in situations like these). But I went with the Adamas. After all, everybody's doing it (like Jeanne). So now I'm doing it, too. In gorgeous red silk, which I absolutely love.

I ended up staying home from Paul's hockey game last night so I could work. And after I worked until I fried my brain, I sat back down to work on the shawl. Then I ripped it out. And I started again. So here I am now:

I know -- there's no lifeline. I figured I could go without for the first 25 rows or so -- but it's going in now. Knitting lace is scary enough...


Anonymous the Mitten Maven said...

Will you give private lessons on how to make lace?

5:29 PM

Blogger kdk said...

Sure thing, Maven! It's really not that difficult at all -- just a little overwhelming at first. Pick a pattern, and I'll walk you through it.

5:32 PM

Blogger Sourire11 said...

Yeah! Another Adamas knitther! So is this like an “official” knit-along then? ‘cause how cool is that! I need to start working on it again – I was momentarily distracted by the easy stockinette of a felted bag….

Your girly-girl scarf looks great too.

8:16 AM

Blogger kdk said...

I think a knit-along might be in order. I'm in if you are. :)

12:45 PM

Blogger craftymodster said...

K- Your Girly-Girl scarf turned out gorgeous! Bravo! I love it. You are overflowing with talent. ;~) Have fun with that shawl. I can't wait to see it completed. Anjo

3:25 AM

Blogger kdk said...

Thanks, CM! It's one that I'd wanted to make for a while -- I just wish I'd had enough yarn to make it a little longer. Next time, I'll plan ahead...

10:41 AM


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